Chad D. Ericson, AIF®


Chad D. Ericson is an Investment Advisor Representative of RDA Financial Network, Inc. He does business as Legacy Financial LLC. Legacy Financial LLC and RDA Financial Network are not affiliated.

Statement to Clients:

I began my career in the financial industry in 1999 and founded Legacy Financial LLC in 2004. Legacy Financial is sincerely focused on the needs of the individual client. I work to find solutions that serve as a perfect fit for my clients' financial goals, needs, and risk tolerance. It's not about investment fads or short-term trends, but about building an approach that meets the short-term and long-term needs of the client. I am my clients' trusted advisor and we walk side-by-side, working toward achieving their financial goals and living their dreams.

As an RDAFN investment advisor, I have a fiduciary responsibility to my clients at all times. I am paid an asset-based fee, so my interests are aligned with my clients. I take time to understand financial situations no matter the complexity, and draw on decades of experience to provide personalized advice. Further, I network with experts in numerous disciplines, enabling me to offer custom solutions that make sense today, and regularly reassess whether arrangements are geared to stand the test of time.

It is an honor and privilege to be selected for such an important role as your financial advisor. It is a responsibility which I view is the result of the most important financial decision a client may make, a responsibility that I accept willingly, and to which I dedicate my career to carry out properly.

Business Background:

  • RDA Financial Network, Inc.
    • Investment Advisor Representative 2011 - Present
  • Legacy Financial LLC 
    • Owner/Member 2004 - Present
  • United Planners Financial Services
    • Registered Representative 2016 - Present
  • Cambridge Investment Research
    • Registered Representative 2011 - 2016
  • QA3 Financial Corporation
    • Registered Representative 2004 - 2011


  • Series 6, 7, 24, 63, 66
  • Health, Life, Variable Life Insurance
  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary Designation 

Saint John's University (Minnesota)Bachelor of Arts, Economics 1996

Disciplinary Information:
Chad has no disciplinary information history to disclose.

Other Business Activities:

  • Broker-Dealer

Chad D. Ericson is a registered representative of United Planners Financial Services, a registered broker-dealer (BD). In this capacity, Mr. Ericson will be paid commissions for the sale of securities or other investment products, including service (trail) fees from the sale of mutual funds and variable annuities. If you elect to purchase securities through Mr. Ericson in his role as a registered representative, this will not occur in advisory accounts of RDAFN but rather in brokerage accounts held at the be. A conflict of interest may arise due to potential differences in the level of compensation received. To address this potential conflict, he will only receive commissions for the sale of securities or other investment products when selling securities through the BD, and not for accounts advised through RDAFN. You always have the option to purchase securities or other investment products that he recommends through other unaffiliated broker-dealers. Mr. Ericson currently spends 20% of his business time on these BD activities.

  • Insurance

Chad D. Ericson is licensed as an insurance agent in the States of Iowa, South Dakota, and Arizona. In this capacity Mr.Ericson will be paid commissions for the sales of fixed insurance products. A conflict of interest may arise due to potential differences in the level of compensation received. You always have the option to purchase insurance products that here commends through other unaffiliated insurance agencies or companies. Mr. Ericson currently spends 15% of his business time on his insurance activities.

Other Outside Activities:

  • Cornerstone Properties – Manager, began 11-2005. Currently spends one hour per week.
  • Akron Health Care – President, began 7-2009. Currently spends five hours per year.
  • Akron Development Corporation – Director, began 3-2005. Currently spends one hour per week.
  • 250 Reed Street, LLC-Manager, began 05-2014. Currently spends one hour per week.

General Client Conflict Resolution:

Chad D. Ericson addresses conflicts with his other business activities by doing the following:
Mr. Ericson must disclose any potential or actual conflicts of interest when dealing with clients.
Mr. Ericson is subject to the following specific obligations when dealing with clients:

  • The duty to have a reasonable, independent basis for his investment and other financial advice;
  • The duty to ensure that all investment and financial advice is suitable to meeting the client's individual objectives,needs, and circumstances; and,
  • A duty to be loyal to clients.

Additional Compensation:

  • RDA Financial Network and Chad D. Ericson may establish relationships with unaffiliated registered investment advisors that offer a variety of investment advisory programs and services that include asset management programs, separate account portfolio management programs, asset allocation programs, wrap fee programs, and financial planning services. If a client is referred to one of these unaffiliated registered investment advisors, RDA Financial Network and Mr. Ericson may receive referral fees from the unaffiliated registered investment advisors. These arrangements will be described in these unaffiliated investment advisors' disclosure brochures and referral disclosure statements.


  • Chad D. Ericson is supervised by Linda Bradle, Vice President of Supervision, United Planners Financial Services.
  • Chad D. Ericson is supervised by Michael A Brannen, Chief Compliance Officer, RDA Financial Network.

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